Resin service installations

Commercial resin floor installations in London and Kent

We can pour resin floors and counters, coat walls and furniture, duplicate expensive stones, art and branding and create kitchenware like splashbacks, coasters and place mats for all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

From our base in Medway, we are perfectly located for domestic, commercial and industrial resin installations of all kinds across London and Kent. Certified and approved by many leading resin manufacturers we guarantee exceptional quality in our work and customer service, however large or small the project.

Resin Walls and Wall Coatings

Resin can cover and coat walls, or be the wall, with all the easy-maintenance, hygienic, long-lasting resin benefits and aesthetics, perfect for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, bars, schools, labs and outside spaces..

Tough, clean, domestic and commercial resin flooring

One of the most popular uses of resin; perfectly smooth finishes over almost any surface area, eliminating trip hazards, ideal for wheeled vehicles and equipment, long lasting, hard-wearing, resistant to UV, water, oil and chemicals and so easy to keep clean, the perfect floor for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, garages, driveways, offices, warehouses and factories.

Practical, easy maintenance, single piece resin counters

A great look in domestic or commercial kitchens and bars; pouring a liquid resin into a corm or mould makes almost any shape or size of bar surface possible with no connections or joins; perfect for keeping things clean, easily.

Resin splashbacks for homeowners and commercial use

Any size, any shape, any colour and any design; we can make splashbacks that look like marble to finish your kitchen beautifully, or create splashbacks with company logos and colour coding which are as resistant to chemicals and oils as they are to water.

Bespoke resin furniture, art, tableware and other products

Resin can make an incredibly practical coating for display art, certificates, signage and notices, and with absolute flexibility on design it can even be art, form tableware like mats and coasters or provide a weather resistant, easy-clean coating to all kinds of furniture.